Enter into slate legend...

'Les Pans' beginning XX° s
The ‘Pans de Travassac’ are open from April to November and share with you all their history and secret during guided visits.

Trough the visit you will discover the imprint left by slaters since the XVII° century.

Discover the unique landscape through the 7 seams of Travassac where mineral and vegetation harmonize.

Puyboëne seam

Dressing of slate

On the ' chantier ' you will discover the area where slates are cut. A slater will show you its time-honoured techniques(block cutting, splitting and dressing) necessary to change stone into roofing-slate.

Share with him his passion for his profession and for slate.

The 'Chantier'

A Bore

Located in a subterranean gallery, a museum situated in an old work-room recalls
slaters stories.
Archives, olds photographs and tools give an insight of the Travassac slate quarrymen's life.